Election documents reveal Shakib Al Hasan earns ‘over Tk 55 million’ in a year

The cricketer turned businessman is jumping into politics as the Awami League candidate for the Magura-1 seat

Magura Correspondentbdnews24.com
Published : 4 Dec 2023, 10:25 AM
Updated : 4 Dec 2023, 10:25 AM

Shakib Al Hasan, the star Bangladeshi allrounder who recently entered the political arena, earns an annual income of over Tk 55 million, according to documents he submitted to election officials in his pursuit of a parliamentary seat.

The Awami League’s candidate for the Magura-1 constituency only noted his career in cricket in the section on profession. The documents also showed he had taken out bank loans of over Tk 300 million.

Returning Officer and Magura Deputy Commissioner Mohammed Abu Naser Beg said the documents contained information including his annual income, liquid assets, property, debt, educational qualifications, and profession. There was, however, but no section on expenditures.

In his affidavit, Shakib showed an average annual income of Tk 55,571,262. Of this amount, he says Tk 53,274,769 comes from cricket.  

Shakib has shown bank deposits of 115,691,876 in liquid assets as well as $24,261 in foreign currency.

The documents show the cricketer has investments of TK 436,396,874 in the stock market. He also owned 25 bars of gold and electronics and furniture worth over Tk 1.3 million.

He has taken out loans of Tk 319,861,382 against collateral. Of this amount, he has received Tk 15,020,363 from Eastern Bank. In addition, his interest income from bank deposits have been shown as Tk 2,296,493.

In terms of educational qualification, Shakib says he has an undergraduate BBA degree.  

Shakib went to the constituency last week after receiving the Awami League’s nomination for the Magura-1 seat. At the time, thousands of activists and cricket fans greeted Shakib with a fleet of motorcycles.

After that, Shakib attended a meeting at the Magura district Awami League office, where party leaders welcomed him with flowers. Later, Shakib was seen at several other events.

The Election Inquiry Committee then wrote to Shakib asking for an explanation for his breach of the electoral rules of conduct for campaigning ahead of the specified time. Shakib had to appear in court and submit a written explanation of the allegations against him.

At the court of Chief Joint District and Sessions Judge Satyabrata Shikder, Shakib said in a written explanation, “When I came to Magura on Nov 29, the townspeople and my fans greeted me. It was an unexpected event. I am very sorry for this incident.”

“I have sufficient respect for the electoral law. But this is my first time and I am new to elections. I will ensure that such incidents do not happen in the future.”