Fire burns down ‘hundreds of Rohingya homes’ after shooting near Bandarban border

Citing the locals, authorities said a firefight between rival insurgent groups ARSA and RSO preceded the fire

Cox’s Bazar
Published : 18 Jan 2023, 05:06 PM
Updated : 18 Jan 2023, 05:06 PM

A Rohingya camp in Bandarban’s Konarpara caught fire after two rival groups in Myanmar engaged in a firefight in the zero point along the Tambru bordeline.

Naikhongchhari UNO Romen Sharma said authorities feared that hundreds of refugee homes had gone up in flames. But he failed to mention the extent of damage or the number of casualties.

Meanwhile, quite a few Rohingya families from the camp took refuge in Tambru Bazar area, authorities said.

Citing the locals, Romen said insurgent groups Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army and the Rohingya Solidarity Organisation were engaged in “intermittent shooting” from Wednesday morning to afternoon, causing a death and an injury.

The wounded is under care at the Cox’s Bazar district hospital.

“Following the shooting, someone or some people set the Rohingya camp at Tambru zero point ablaze around 4pm. The fire spread rapidly and it is feared that hundreds of refugee homes has been burned down,” Romen said.

The Rohingya families that fled from the camp were under strict watch of members of the Bangladsh Border Guard. They will be sent back to the zero point once the situation calmed down. The border troopers were on alert in the border areas too, he said.

Romen added that the authorities or border officials, including the BGB, were not fully aware of the actual cause of the incident as it ocurred in no man’s land and according to international norms, the details of the incident could not revealed to media.

Toufique Imrose Khalidi
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher