No tiger in Chittagong Zoo

Chittagong Zoo does not even have a Royal Bengal Tiger, Bangladesh’s national animal, for about a year now.

Published : 9 August 2013, 09:21 AM
Updated : 9 August 2013, 11:06 AM

Due to inadequate attractions and lack of maintenance, the amusement centre has lost most of its old charm.

During Eid or any other festivals or holidays, the zoo used to be the primary amusement centre for the children of this port city. But due to lack of attractions, numbers of visitors to the zoo have been constantly depleting.

Visitors alleged that children turned morose if they failed to see a tiger after visiting the zoo.

Chittagong district administration is currently looking after the zoo, which was established in 1989.

The zoo authorities claimed they made several attempts to bring in some tigers and lions and had even approached several government departments, but in vain.

Caretaker of the zoo Manjur Morshed Chowdhury told that it now had 370 animals of 67 species. Out of this, there are 34 species of birds and 33 different species of animals.