White House says more infrastructure spending coming
The White House on Tuesday said it had pushed out $185 billion in funding under a $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure law passed last year
US appeals court rules against Trump in documents fight, ends arbiter
Trump faces a federal criminal investigation into his retention of sensitive government records after leaving office in January 2021
Hawaii volcano erupts for first time in nearly 40 years
Mauna Loa rises 13,679 feet above the Pacific Ocean, part of the chain of volcanoes that formed the islands of Hawaii
Musk says he will back Trump rival DeSantis if he runs for president
Elon Musk, who is white, grew up in South Africa. When asked about his support, DeSantis joked, 'I welcome support from African-Americans'
3 killed, 8 injured in Brazil school shooting
Local police said they initially suspected the shooter was a student at one of the two schools that came under attack
Walmart gunman railed at co-workers before shooting
He left a rambling note on his cellphone in which he railed against other employees who he felt had mocked and betrayed him
Peru's PM resigns after Congress refuses call for confidence vote
President Pedro Castillo has accepted the resignation and will reshuffle his Cabinet once again
Only 13% of women in Mexico report assault by partner: survey
The survey, which covered women and girls aged 15 and older, recorded highest rates of violence among those aged up to their mid-twenties
Toufique Imrose Khalidi
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher