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I'm back': Trump returns to YouTube and Facebook after two-year ban
'Sorry to keep you waiting', Trump said in a video after Meta reinstated Trump's Facebook and Instagram accounts earlier this year
Meta launches subscription service in US
The Meta Verified service will give users a blue badge after they verify their accounts using a government ID and will cost at least $11.99 per month
Musk shuts two Twitter India offices
The social media company shut down offices in New Delhi and Mumbai but continues to operate its office in the southern tech hub of Bengaluru that mostly houses engineers
How harmless are memes?
A meme is a source of fun for many, but the person whose image has been used in it may feel disrespected or unsafe and face harassment
End-2023 'good timing' to find new Twitter head: Musk
Musk ran a poll on the social media platform days earlier on whether he should step down as Twitter CEO, in which a majority of respondents said he should
Meta restores Trump's access to Facebook, Instagram
Meta said it would institute heightened penalties of a suspension between one month and two years if the former president violated its content policies again
TikTok promises to fight against disinformation in EU
Chinese social media company TikTok on Thursday pledged to do more to tackle disinformation on its platform by adding more safety features and broadening its fact-checking measures
Twitter's efforts against disinformation lagging behind: EU
Big Tech companies presented progress reports on compliance with a beefed up European Union code of practice on disinformation in the last six months