PM Hasina asks public representatives to stop extortion, hoarding

Representatives of different areas will have to pay close attention to ensure farmers get fair prices, Hasina says

Published : 10 Feb 2024, 10:43 AM
Updated : 10 Feb 2024, 10:43 AM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has asked public representatives to be firm against extortion and hoarding in their respective areas.

“Extortion and hoarding must be stopped everywhere. Representatives of different areas will have to pay attention to ensure that the farmers get a fair price. They will have to keep the price hike of goods in check,” she said at a meeting of the Awami League at her official residence, Gonobhaban, on Saturday.

The prime minister also added that the ruling party had no way other than allowing independent candidates to run in the Jan 7 election to make the polls festive and ensure voters’ rights to vote.

She called for unity among party leaders and activists to solve any problem stemming from the contests between ruling party nominees and independents. She also advised party loyalists to avoid internal conflicts and refrain from criticising each other.

Regarding the election and Election Commission, the prime minister said, “The EC has been made independent by implementing 81 reform proposals to make it impartial. Only the Awami League had this courage and the election became free, fair and impartial due to the reforms.

“Some local and international agencies claimed that the election was not accurate, free and fair. They will have to showcase the reasons. We (the Awami League) are confident that the election was free and fair. The security forces performed their duties impartially. Many wanted to prevent the election by raising questions and threatening us with sanctions. I told them that we can also give sanctions.”

Highlighting a 'plot' against the elections, she said, "Obstacles were created over and over to stop Awami League from gaining power. We came to power because the people, who are the party’s main pillar of strength, wanted us. We are here today due to the sacrifices of party leaders and activists after many ups and downs.”

“There were repeated attempts to foil the elections. We came to power by overcoming all the conspiracies.”