Alleged rape of woman sparks waves of protests at Jahangirnagar University

Police said four suspects of the six have already been apprehended

Jahangirnagar University
Published : 4 Feb 2024, 01:50 PM
Updated : 4 Feb 2024, 01:50 PM

Students of Jahangirnagar University are demonstrating in front of the administration office over an incident involving an alleged rape of a woman near Mir Mosharraf Hossain Hall.

More than a hundred students from different departments began protesting around 12pm on Sunday, taking position in front of the administration office.

A group of teachers and students met Vice Chancellor Nurul Alam and demanded that the university authorities start a case over the complaint “within an hour”. They also asked that the non-student residents inside halls are evicted and "exemplary" punishment meted out o the main suspect and his accomplices.

Prof Anisa Parveen of the Department of History said: “We’ve presented three demands. We asked the VC to call an emergency syndicate meeting to resolve the matters. He gave us assurances.”

Expressing solidarity with the protesters, she said: “Whenever we go to the authorities for justice, they always tell us ‘we’ll see into it after receiving a complaint’...”

She said suspects of previous instances of such incidents were not judged. “We want the university authorities to file a case within an hour as the plaintiff. We will see to it that the rapist and his accomplices face justice this time.”

In front of the administration office, the protesting students kept shouting slogans like ‘rapist and accomplice, same crime’ and ‘non-students commit rape, what are authorities doing’

Tanzina Aman Tanjum of the Department of Journalism and Media Studies said: “The blame completely lies on the authorities. The non-students who the authorities have failed to drag out of the halls have caused this.”

Meanwhile, the husband, who was allegedly trapped during the act, filed a case with the Ashulia police on Saturday night against six suspects under the Women and Children Repression Prevention Act.

Superintendent of Police Abdullahil Kafi in a press briefing around 12pm on Sunday said main suspect Mostafizur Rahman had been arrested in Savar earlier at dawn.

With the help of the proctorial team, Sabbir Hasan Sagar, Sagar Siddique and Hasanuzzaman were arrested in the morning on charges of aiding Mostafizur to escape.

The SP also said: “We want to assure everyone that no matter who the culprit is, he has no chance of escaping. We began the work hours after the incident and arrested four of the six suspects.”

He added that police were on the hunt for the other two.

The university administration called an emergency syndicate meeting at 3pm.