Two in Bangladesh killed by shelling from across Myanmar border

The victims were Ghumdhum resident Hosne Ara Begum and an elderly Rohingya man from Myanmar

Bandarban CorrespondentCox's Bazar
Published : 5 Feb 2024, 09:44 AM
Updated : 5 Feb 2024, 09:44 AM

Two people in Bangladesh have been killed by shelling from across the border in Myanmar amid the ongoing conflict between the forces of the military junta and insurgent groups.

The incident occurred on Monday afternoon in Ghumdhum Union’s Jolpaitahi area, said Bandarban Deputy Commissioner Shah Mujahid Uddin.

The dead were identified 55-year-old Hosne Ara Begum, a local resident, and a Myanmar national identified as a Rohingya. Additional details on the second victim’s identity were not available.

“Hosne Ara Begum was hit by shelling from across the border and killed,” said Anowarul Islam Ward-5 member from Ghumdhum Union.

“She was having lunch at home at the time. The other victim was an elderly Rohingya man.”

Gunfire, sometimes intermittent and sometimes regular, has been heard in the Ghumdhum area since dawn on Sunday. A fire could be seen at a camp belonging to the Myanmar border force BGP.

Helicopters are opening fire in the Myanmar border area. Many residents on the Bangladesh side of the border have fled to the houses of friends and relatives further away from the violence out of fear.