Two sisters found dead in house in Dhaka’s Hazaribagh

Both were unmarried and suffered from mental ailments, the police said, citing their family

Published : 13 Nov 2023, 05:18 AM
Updated : 13 Nov 2023, 05:18 AM

Police have recovered the dead bodies of two sisters from a house in Dhaka’s Hazaribagh. Both of the bodies were bloodied and had wounds made by sharp weapons.

The bodies were recovered from the third floor of a five-storey building in Kalunagar, said Ahad Ali, chief of the Hazaribagh Police Station.

Jesmin Akter, 44, was the older sister and Nasrin Akter, 30, was the younger. Jesmin had her throat slit and Nasrin had the artery on her foot cut, the OC said.

He said both sisters were unmarried and suffered from mental ailments from childhood, according to the family.

The sisters lived with their mother and brother. Their mother is ill and their brother, the sole breadwinner, was not at home when the incident took place. He came home to find his sisters bleeding and called the police. The women were taken to Dhaka Medical College Hospital, where the doctor declared them dead.

A mobile phone was recovered from the scene which was used by the younger sister, said OC Ahad.

"The call record of the phone showed an outgoing call to 999, the national emergency service around 11 am. It also showed that 999 called back. But we didn’t receive any call here [police station] from 999.”

“Nothing was looted from the house. We’re conducting an investigation to find out how this happened,” the police officer said.