Chaos engulfs air travel in Europe
Strikes and staff shortages are forcing airlines to cancel thousands of flights and causing hours-long queues at major airports
In Europe, it’s planes vs trains. For many travellers, rail is the way to go
Train travel in Europe is on the upswing, thanks to growing interest from travellers, a renaissance in sleeper trains, and new investments in high-speed rail lines across the continent. But to see maj ...
Asia welcomes travellers, but Japan says, not yet
Last week, Japan’s National Tourism Organization unveiled a glossy website aimed at international visitors looking to experience the country’s famous hospitality. An introductory video presents sweepi ...
International tourists flock back to New York, with one big exception
After two years of sparse crowds in Times Square and other popular attractions, New York City is finally hoping for a robust rebound of visitors this year. But the city will still be missing a main dr ...
What’s the deal with masks on planes?
Air travel has been one of the last holdouts for strict pandemic mask requirements. In the United States, for example, the mask mandate — which was recently extended to Apr 18, when it comes up for re ...
Changed itineraries, higher fares: how the war in Ukraine is affecting travel
Just as the travel industry was seeking to climb out of a two-year depression, Russia’s assault on Ukraine has scrambled schedules and given Americans pause as they consider international vacations.
Why is everyone going to the Dominican Republic?
Some had come for the beach, some had come for the sun, others had picked it because, at the time, the COVID numbers seemed reasonable. Many had chosen it over resort destinations because getting ther ...
Visitors to Colombian house find world turned upside down after pandemic
An upside down house built in Colombia's Guatavita, a short distance from the capital of Bogota, is capturing the imagination of visitors looking for fun following coronavirus restrictions.
Toufique Imrose Khalidi
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