Winter chill grips Dhaka
Cold has gripped Dhaka and other parts of Bangladesh in mid-Poush, the first month of winter in the Bangla calendar. People are not leaving their homes without wearing warm clothes. Some of them are s ...
Severe cold hits Bangladesh
Severe cold along with strong wind and dense fog has hit Bangladesh with the sun remaining covered with clouds.
Winter blankets sale slows down
Winter is yet to set in Dhaka and customers are visiting the blanket shops in numbers though few are buying them to protect themselves from the cold. Blanket traders have filled the GPO Road beside Dh ...
Yellow Hues of Winter
The sight of yellow mustard flowers in full bloom and the chill of the morning heralds the coming of winter in northern Bangladesh. This photograph was taken in the Khaduli area of Sirajganj's Ullapar ...
Is the winter bearable for everyone?
Who doesn't like the winter? Many people wait for the season all year. But have we considered whether winter is bearable for everyone?
A Glance into the Art of Henna
Toufique Imrose Khalidi
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher