Trump finally posts on Truth Social: ‘I'M BACK!’
Former U.S. president Donald Trump posted a brief message on Truth Social late Thursday for the first time since the app he founded launched two months ago, saying "I'M BACK!"
Putin targets enemies at home as his missiles strike Ukraine
Long before Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine and the mass detentions of Russian peace protesters, the Kremlin was already stifling dissent - with choking bureaucracy.
Chinese scammers enslave jobless teachers and tourists in Cambodia
Foreign workers and tourists stranded in Cambodia during the COVID-19 pandemic have been trafficked and forced to work in sophisticated Chinese-run online scams, a Thomson Reuters Foundation investiga ...
How family of a Myanmar junta leader are trying to cash in
A week after the Burmese military seized power, a Twitter account that had lain dormant for nearly a decade flickered back into life.
Memories of the 1918 pandemic from those who survived
Nearly everyone who survived the 1918 flu pandemic, which claimed at least half a million American lives, has since died. But their memories, preserved in oral history interviews, shed light on its in ...
Partly false claim: a 1981 book predicted the coronavirus 2019 outbreak
A theory widely shared on social media claims that American author Dean Koontz predicted the 2019-2020 Coronavirus outbreak in 1981. Posts featuring the cover of “The Eyes of Darkness” book and a page ...
Kidney transplant given to wrong patient in New Jersey hospital
A hospital in New Jersey has accidentally given a kidney to the wrong patient, reports the BBC.
‘Talk Misti Jhal’ set to feature Ferdous Wahid in its 50th episode
Banglavision’s satirical comedy show ‘Talk Misti Jhal’ is set to air its 50th episode featuring celebrated singer and film director Ferdous Wahid as a special guest.
Toufique Imrose Khalidi
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher