Cricketer Litton Das faces religious hatred after posting Durga Puja wishes on Facebook

Bangladesh national cricketer Litton Kumer Das has faced religious hatred after posting a photo of goddess Durga on the occasion of Puja on a social networking site.

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Published : 20 Oct 2015, 07:08 PM
Updated : 20 Oct 2015, 08:44 PM

He posted the photo wishing happiness to all and seeking everyone’s blessing on his Facebook wall on Monday.
The first attack was launched from an ID ‘Md Metun’, who used abusive language to reprimand Das for his religious belief.
Another person using the ID ‘Ekjon asohai musafir’ asked him to remove the photo citing that Islam does not allow idolatry and Bangladesh is inhabited mostly by Muslims.
The wicketkeeper batsman in a status posted Tuesday said these comments were ‘painful’.
“My biggest identity is that I am a Bangladeshi, religion cannot divide us here,” he wrote.
Das removed the posts on Tuesday night, though the fans stood beside him.
Saidur Ahmed commented: “No Muslim is expected to do excess over religion. Because it is forbidden in Islam. Those who are doing this are nothing but insane people.”
Goura Mandal wrote, “Some people existed in the past, they live now and will be there in the future to make bad comments. Please do not feel sad or lose focus because of their comments.”
Some others advised him to sue those for the atrocious remarks.