Rizvi leads quick procession as BNP blockade resumes for 5th time

Holding an illegal election will not bring about any benefits,' Rizvi said to the government

Senior Correspondentbdnews24.com
Published : 15 Nov 2023, 08:26 AM
Updated : 15 Nov 2023, 08:26 AM

BNP Senior Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi brought out a quick procession near the Jatiya Press Club and in Shahbagh as the opposition party began its fifth round of blockades as part of its anti-government protests.

BNP activists brought out processions in Jatrabari, Pallabi, Shanti Nagar, Malibagh, Dhanmondi and several other neighbourhoods. Swechha Sebak Dal activists conducted out a procession near the Kamalapur Railway Station on Wednesday morning.

Following the procession, Rizvi warned the government saying it would not benefit the ruling party to hold an 'illegal' election.

The BNP called for a fresh 48-hour blockade of road, rail and river routes across the country as part of its attempt to get the government to resign. The blockade started at 6 am on Wednesday and will end at 6 am on Friday.

As the dawn broke on Wednesday, Rizvi was seen leading a quick procession with 15-16 leaders and activists in Shahbagh around 6 am.

"The illegal government and the Election Commission have become desperate to hold another fake election. We heard that they have already arranged an illegal election," Rizvi said.

“We want to be vocal - this arrangement will never bring any benefit to them. People in Bangladesh will not accept this farce anymore. The struggle to re-establish democracy has reached its zenith. We need to be on the streets during this peaceful blockade. We must remember that our victory is assured."

Rizvi left the scene after delivering a short speech.

Later, Rizvi was seen again taking part in the procession brought out by Mohila Dal leaders and activists near the Jatiya Press Club.

The BNP has organised an extended series of blockades after they clashed with police during a rally in Dhaka on Oct 28. Its allies and other opposition parties have expressed solidarity with the BNP and continued to enforce similar programs.

The BNP central office in Naya Paltan has been closed since the Oct 28 violence. The barb wire barricades were removed from both sides of the office on Tuesday, but police continued to patrol the area.