No basis for meeting between Putin and Zelensky: Kremlin

Moscow and Kyiv blame each other for a lack of progress in negotiations, which have stalled for months

Published : 8 August 2022, 09:54 AM
Updated : 8 August 2022, 09:54 AM

The Kremlin said on Monday there was no basis for a meeting between the Russian and Ukrainian presidents at the moment.

In response to a question about Turkish proposals to broker peace talks, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov told reporters on a conference call that Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky could meet only after negotiators from both sides had "done their homework".

Negotiations between Moscow and Kyiv have been stalled for months, with each side blaming the other for a lack of progress.

Toufique Imrose Khalidi
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher