Jatiya Party's Chunnu dismisses Raushan Ershad's leadership claim

The party's general secretary says Raushan's 'ceremonial' position as party patron does not empower her to make such decisions

Staff Correspondentbdnews24.com
Published : 28 Jan 2024, 10:28 AM
Updated : 28 Jan 2024, 10:28 AM

Jatiya Party General Secretary Mujibul Haque Chunnu has paid short shrift to Raushan Ershad's claim to party leadership, which has once again brought a longstanding internal rift to the fore.

On Sunday, Raushan, the Jatiya Party's chief patron, declared herself as party chief, 'terminating' the positions of Chairman GM Quader and General Secretary Chunnu.

At an emergency media briefing afterwards, Chunnu referred to Raushan's previous attempts to assume leadership of the party, noting that this was her third such declaration.

In previous instances, she had retracted her claims, acknowledging they were inappropriate, according to him.

Chunnu said Raushan's latest announcement holds no basis or authority under the party's constitution.

He emphasised that while he respects Raushan as party founder HM Ershad's wife, her "ceremonial" role as chief patron does not grant her decision-making power within the party.

"Therefore, we do not see any need to respond or take action based on her announcement," Chunnu said.

He added that Raushan's move to oust Quader and himself from leadership positions is not recognised under the party's constitutional framework.

Earlier, Raushan held a meeting with a group of disgruntled party leaders and activists at her Gulshan residence, declaring herself chairman to thunderous applause.

She also declared the 'reinstatement' of all party leaders who were dismissed or expelled by GM Quader and those who were kept out of the party committee. However, she said that the others can retain their posts.