Roadside Cart
A young boy sells peanuts and chickpeas from a roadside cart in front of a bus stop in Mymensingh
Shelter on City Streets
Two homeless children are sleeping in front of closed shops in Sylhet's Ambarkhana Dargah area. They sleep wherever they can find shelter on the city streets.
Small Joys of Childhood
Two girls play with dolls in the middle of a rain-drenched street on Alia Madrasa Road in the Bagerhat district.
The Making of a Cricket Pitch
Following the season's harvest, children of Bakshiganj in the Jamalpur district prepare a pitch for cricket games.
Water Feeder for the Birds
Parching heat has made life miserable for people across the country. In a mission to quench the thirst of birds, a child was seen building a DIY water feeder from a tree top. The photo was taken from ...
Teenage fishermen
Drenched in cold water, two teenage fishermen go about their day's work at sundown. They have chosen their father's profession to provide for their family. The photo was taken from Dalia Point in Lal ...
Yellow Hues of Winter
The sight of yellow mustard flowers in full bloom and the chill of the morning heralds the coming of winter in northern Bangladesh. This photograph was taken in the Khaduli area of Sirajganj's Ullapar ...
Mobile Library
Three-year-old Fawzan is fascinated with a colourful book inside a mobile library at Section 13 in Dhaka’s Mirpur.