Shaheed Noor Hossain, a beacon of democracy in Bangladesh
The anti-dictatorship movement gained momentum with the sacrifice of Noor Hossain and many others.
Young Tamim spends his free time gardening
After finishing his studies, the 12-year-old whiles away the hours working on growing fruit and flowering plants
Why do children of Patuakhali pick Keora fruit?
High tide brings the fruit of the Keora tree floating upriver
In Patuakhali, trees come alive with mesmerising birdsong
Visitors, many of whom have developed a passion for bird-watching, are captivated by the lilting calls of the winged beauty
A deluge of desolation: Unravelling the catastrophic floods in Chattogram and southern Bangladesh, and their perilous impact on the lives of children
Sheeting rainfall has been forecast to continue throughout the rest of the month, leaving workers, families and children utterly distraught in the wake.
A ray of hope for the Mro children in the remote hills of Bandarban
The Mro community came together with some volunteers to build a school so that no mother would have to go through the same fate as Santhak Mro.
'The Witches': Beyond broomsticks and pointy hats
Roald Dahl portrays a mythical fantasy story that feels real, unlike the conventional portrayal of witches, where they fly around on broomsticks.
Sufia Kamal: Pioneering voice for women's empowerment and literary excellence
Dedicating her life to the freedom of women, she stretched her influence beyond literary quarters to become a figure of inspiration across generations