HSC forms can be filled out from Apr 16

The deadline for submissions is Apr 25, but can be done until May 2 by paying a late fee

Staff Correspondentbdnews24.com
Published : 21 March 2024, 05:02 PM
Updated : 21 March 2024, 05:02 PM

Examinees can start filling out forms for this year’s Higher Secondary Certificate and equivalent exams from Apr 16 to Apr 25, according to the Dhaka Education Board.

Only students with valid registration and who have passed the selection examination can fill out the HSC forms, the board said in a statement on Thursday.

However, if a candidate does not sit the selection exam due to any reason beyond their control or fails to attend the exam due to physical illness, they can fill out the examination form based on the written application of the candidate's parent and a satisfactory result on the candidate's pre-selection test.

On Apr 4, a draft of the potential list and students’ information will be published on the website of the Dhaka Education Board.

Students can fill out the HSC form online from this list. The fee to fill out the form can be paid through Sonali Seba until Apr 28.

Forms can also be filled out online from Apr 29 to May 2 if a late fee is paid. In that case, the last date for fee submission is May 2.

Candidates with previous registration for the 2019-20 session will not be able to appear in the HSC examinations this year.

However, candidates who have failed in one subject during the 2018-19 session can renew their registration and take the examination in one subject (excluding their fourth subject).

The registration fee for science stream students, including their fourth subject, is Tk 2,680. The fee for the business studies and humanities streams are Tk 2,120. An additional Tk 140 should be paid if a student has a practical test in a fourth subject or an optional subject in the humanities and business studies streams.

According to the notification, educational institutions can conduct mock tests for HSC candidates, but it is not mandatory for the candidates and no extra fee can be charged for it.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the long-standing tradition of holding HSC exams in April has been thrown into disarray. The government is now trying to restore the old schedule.

Last year, the Inter-Education Board Coordination Committee announced plans to conduct the HSC 2024 exams in the second week of June. This year, the exams may start on Jun 30.

This year, higher secondary students will be tested on the revised syllabus for 2024.