Government will make advertising policy for online media platforms: state minister

Online news platforms are not under the coverage of government advertisement as no such policy has been made so far for them

Published : 6 Feb 2024, 09:34 PM
Updated : 6 Feb 2024, 09:34 PM

The government is set to develop an advertising policy tailored for online media platforms, according to the State Minister for Information and Broadcasting Mohammad Ali Arafat.

The move aims to address the current situation where online news platforms are excluded from receiving government advertisements due to the absence of a relevant policy.

The disclosure came during a meeting with the Directorate of Films and Publications officials in Dhaka on Tuesday.

Arafat emphasised the necessity of establishing a policy that outlines government advertising rates for online newspapers and portals, acknowledging the gap that currently exists.

Unlike print media, where advertising rates are determined by circulation figures, online platforms have yet to be integrated into the government's advertising framework.

This initiative aims to correct that by formulating a policy that accommodates the growing popularity and reach of online news portals, which have been increasingly favoured over traditional print media thanks to the advancement of digital technology.

The move to formulate such a policy is part of broader efforts to adapt to the digital age, as evidenced by the government's publication of a National Online Media Policy gazette on July 5, 2017.

This policy saw the registration of 213 online newspapers in the country, in addition to 17 television channels and 196 newspapers registering their online editions, signalling the government's recognition of the expanding digital media landscape.