Woman rescued after being chained, 'gang-raped' and filmed in Dhaka flat

Three young men were assisted by a woman, at whose house the incident took place, according to the complaint filed by the young woman.

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Published : 31 March 2024, 04:39 PM
Updated : 31 March 2024, 04:39 PM

Police have rescued a young woman following allegations that she was kept chained and  gang-raped in a house in Dhaka's Mohammadpur.

However, the three young men facing allegations and a woman who purportedly assisted them in the act are absconding.

Three young men were assisted by a woman, at whose house the incident took place, according to the complaint filed by the young woman.

In a four-storey flat in Nabinagar, Mohammadpur, the incident of keeping her detained for a continuous 25 days occurred, with the woman accused of assisting and recording videos of the rape in the complaint.

Learning about this sexual assault incident in a house within the capital from the national emergency service number 999, the Mohammadpur police rescued the young woman last Saturday.

Inspector (Investigation) of Mohammadpur Police Station, Tofazzal Hossen, told bdnews24.com that the 23-year-old young woman filed a case against three young men and a woman last Saturday. Efforts are underway to arrest the accused after identifying them.

The police officer commented that it was nearly impossible to verbally convey the horrific description of torture provided by the young woman in police custody, stating that the three young men subjected her to rape and brutal sexual torture for about 25 days.

The three young men are San, 26, Himel, 27, and Rocky, 29 - all identified with a single name. The accused woman is named Salma aka Jhumur, 28, who is the wife of an expatriate.

It is alleged in the complaint that she was detained in Salma's fourth-floor flat in Nabinagar since Mar 5, where the three young men took turns to rape her with Salma's assistance.

The case states that after her parents' divorce and subsequent remarriages, the young woman was living with her elder sister. During this time, she was introduced to a young man through her brother-in-law, and later, through this young man, she met Salma aka Jhumur. Eventually, leaving her sister's house, she moved into a rented flat in Nabinagar with Salma.

Following her acquaintance with a young man named San through Jhumur, a romantic relationship developed between them. San initially raped her on Feb 3, luring her with the promise of marriage, according to the allegations in the complaint.

"On Feb 27, in the same manner, after raping her with the promise of marriage, San assured her of talking to his family for marriage. When she threatened to file a police complaint if he did not marry her, San ceased all contact."

The complaint details that on Mar 5, San arrived at the house with his two friends, Himel and Rocky, and told her to close her eyes for a surprise. Salma then left the room under the pretext of bringing food.

"Upon San's instruction to close her eyes, the three men tied her hands, feet, and eyes, and sealed her mouth with tape. Later, leaving Himel on guard, the others went out to fetch chains. Taking advantage of being alone with her, Himel raped her."

The young woman claimed in her complaint that from that day on, she was kept chained by her hands and feet. On Mar 7, Rocky came to the house and raped her. Salma, who was present in the house, would only unlock the shackles on her feet when she needed to eat or use the restroom.

The following day, Salma recorded a video of San raping her on her mobile phone. Until Mar 28, the three men took turns raping her and recording videos of each other doing so, with Salma assisting them.

On the night of Mar 30, taking advantage of the absence of anyone in the house, she managed to attract the attention of a local individual by screaming through the window. Subsequently, the person called 999, leading to police intervention.

Inspector Tofazzal said upon receiving the information, they rescued the young woman, who was found with her hands and feet chained, and arranged for her medical treatment.