Malaysia PM Anwar eyes targeted subsidies for low-income groups
Government agencies have two weeks to review the implications of narrowing the subsidies, the new prime minister of the country said
Singapore's Wong cements prospect of becoming PM
Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong says Wong would succeed him before or after the next general election, which is due in 2025
Gains for Malaysia's hardline Islamist party a challenge for new PM
Anwar will likely face challenges from the Parti Islam Se-Malaysia, which has banned cinemas and advocated caning as a punishment for homosexuality in states that it runs
Indonesians pray outdoors after quake destroys town
The earthquake flattened their town in western Java and left nearly 300 of their community dead
Indonesians pray outdoors after deadly quake destroys town
Food vendor Asep Hidayat, who like many others lost his house in the quake, said he was thankful to be able to join in the prayers, even if not in a mosque
Malaysia's Anwar appointed prime minister
He will be sworn in by the king later on Thursday, the palace says
Indonesia struggles to get aid to quake survivors
The disaster killed at least 271 people with 40 missing, and left many sheltering in tents with scant medical and aid supplies
Malaysia ex-ruling bloc may back Anwar in PM race
The Barisan coalition will not support a government that is led by ex-premier Muhyddin Yassin's alliance, its biggest component party said
Toufique Imrose Khalidi
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