Myanmar army chief seeks support for its democracy plan
The junta will hold an election in August that has already been widely dismissed as a sham
Thai man wins fastest joint rolling in Phuket
Thailand became the first Southeast Asian country to decriminalise cannabis last year, but soon issued a raft of rushed piecemeal regulations to curb its potential unchecked use
Singapore push for all-EV future faces a love of crazy, rich combustion
The Singapore government has been pushing electric vehicles (EVs) for two years, offering incentives of up to S$45,000 and expanding the charging network
Philippines finds sunken fuel tanker 3 weeks after spill
About 36,000 hectares of coral reef, mangroves and sea-grass could be affected by the oil slick, according to Filipino marine scientists
Thailand to hold election on May 14
The announcement comes as parties step up campaigning for a nationwide electoral contest that is shaping up to be a battle between a pro-military conservative grouping
Thai PM slips in opinion poll, rival pulls ahead
Paetongtarn Shinawatra's support jumped 10 points to 38.2% in the survey while PM Prayuth trailed in third place with 15.65%
22 killed in suspected massacre at Myanmar monastery
A post-mortem report said automatic weapons were likely used at close range to kill the people, including three saffron-robed monks
Some cash in on land boom near Indonesia's new capital, others despondent
Four years after President Joko Widodo announced plans for a new capital, a site spanning nearly 260,000 hectares named Nusantara, construction is picking up pace