‘I became a big victim of medical crime,’ says Taslima Nasreen after surgery in India

The writer accused her doctor of scaring her into getting hip replacement surgery even though she did not need it

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Published : 20 Jan 2023, 06:50 AM
Updated : 20 Jan 2023, 06:50 AM

Writer Taslima Nasreen has accused a hospital in India of committing a “medical crime” by providing the wrong treatment to her after she reportedly broke a bone in her leg.

The India-based feminist activist, who is also a physician by training, claimed that doctors at the hospital conducted a total hip replacement surgery on her even though the X-ray report did not reveal any fracture in her femur.

“I came to a city private hospital to treat my knee pain after I fell on my knee. I never had any joint pain or any joint disease. But my total hip replacement was done,” the writer tweeted on Thursday.

“I became a big victim of medical crime. I was a healthy and fit person. In the name of treating my knee strain, they cut the parts of my healthy body off; my healthy hip joint, my femur were thrown away and a metal was put inside me. They have made me permanently handicapped."

Earlier in a Facebook post, Taslima said her doctor imposed several restrictions, which included avoiding sitting in a normal chair, carrying heavy things, slouching and sitting cross-legged.

“Why am I given such a handicapped life! Is this why I spent hundreds of thousands in a private hospital to get treatment!” the writer lamented.

She added that the doctor had done her an injustice by scaring her into getting the surgery.

Toufique Imrose Khalidi
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher