At least 10 police personnel killed in attack on police station in Pakistan

At least 23 soldiers were similarly killed in December

Published : 5 Feb 2024, 04:38 AM
Updated : 5 Feb 2024, 04:38 AM

At least 10 police personnel were killed and six more injured in a militant attack on a police station in northwest Pakistan on Monday, police said.

Pakistan has seen a resurgence of attacks by Islamist militants, especially those targeting security personnel, since 2022, when a ceasefire between the Pakistani Taliban and the government broke down.

Monday's attack occurred at 3 am when militants first targeted constables using snipers and then entered the police station, police officers in Pakistan's Draban region said.

"After entering the building of the police station, the terrorists used hand grenades which caused more casualties to the police," said Malik Anees ul Hassan, the deputy superintendent of police in Draban.

At least 23 soldiers were similarly killed in December when a six-man suicide squad drove an explosive-laden truck into a military camp, set up in a police station complex, in northwest Pakistan.

Violence has also escalated in the last few days in Pakistan as the South Asian nation approaches its national elections later this week.