Why Unification Church became a headache for Kishida
Abe's suspected killer bore a grudge against the church, alleging it bankrupted his mother, and blamed Abe for promoting it
S Korea, China foreign ministers to discuss N Korea, K-pop
South Korea will discuss ways to widely introduce K-pop and cultural content including movies, dramas and games to China, foreign minister Park Jin says
Taiwan blames politics for global Pride event cancellation
The organisers have insisted the word ‘Taiwan’ of ‘WorldPride 2025 Taiwan’ be removed, the authorities say
Hacker offers 48.5 million users' data of COVID app
The hacker with the username as 'XJP' posted an offer to sell the data for $4,000 on the hacker forum Breach Forums
Shake-up fails to lift support for Japan's cabinet
Links to the church have become a major liability for Kishida since suspected Abe killer said his mother was bankrupted by the group and blamed Abe for promoting it
S Korea, China clash over US missile shield
The disagreement threatens to undermine efforts by the new government in Seoul to overcome longstanding security differences
Taiwan rejects China's 'one country, two systems' plan
Taipei accuses Beijing of using US House Speaker Pelosi's visit to the island as an excuse 'to intimidate Taiwan's people'
N Korea declares victory over COVID
Kim Jong Un, who had suffered from fever, vows "deadly retaliation" against South Korea which it blames for causing the outbreak
Toufique Imrose Khalidi
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