AL will control the streets on Oct 28, says information minister

The government is not worried about BNP's programmes -- be it a grand rally, a small rally, or just a sit-in, Hasan Mahmud said

Senior Correspondent
Published : 22 Oct 2023, 10:46 AM
Updated : 22 Oct 2023, 10:46 AM

The Awami League will control the streets on Oct 28, the day the BNP scheduled its grand rally, said Information Minister Hasan Mahmud.

During the unveiling of the book ‘Bangabandhu Samagra’ at the Secretariat on Sunday, reporters asked the information minister if the government felt pressured by the BNP’s grand rally on Oct 28.

The government has never worried about any of the BNP programmes, whether it a grand rally, a small rally, or just a sit-in protest, Mahmud responded.

“We’re a party that developed on the streets and we will continue to be one. On Oct 28, the Awami League will control the streets, by the grace of Allah.”

Asked about a recent statement by BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, who said that the dream that led to the emergence of Bangladesh was shattered as people did not have democracy and the right to vote, Mahmud questioned Mirza Fakhrul's conception of the dream.

“He [Mirza Fakhrul] said a few months ago that the Pakistan period was much better. It’s a big question to me what the person who says Pakistan was better has ever dreamed up for Bangladesh.” Hasan said.

“I don’t want to badmouth anyone’s father but it’s true that his [Mirza Fakhrul] father was a Pakistan supporter. No one can deny the truth. His statement shows that he never dreamed of Bangladesh. People like him who support Pakistan include the BNP.”

Mirza Fakhrul and his cohorts have never believed in what they preach, the information minister said. ”He is frustrated as Bangladesh has superseded Pakistan in every index and has been praised. This is because he dreams of Pakistan.”