Durga Prasad Tewari, veteran leftist leader who rose against British rule, dies at 93

He passes away at his home after suffering from various age-related ailments

Netrokona Correspondentbdnews24.com
Published : 1 Feb 2024, 08:35 AM
Updated : 1 Feb 2024, 08:35 AM

Durga Prasad Tewari, a prominent anti-British and Tonk activist, has passed away at his home in Netrokona’s Durgapur at the age of 93.

A veteran politician and close associate of Comrade Moni Singh, Tewari succumbed to age-related ailments on Wednesday.

His son, Rupak Tewari, said his cremation would take place at Durgapur's municipal crematorium on Thursday afternoon. Prior to the cremation, his body was laid out at the town's Shaheed Minar, allowing friends, family, and admirers to honour his memory and legacy.

Tewari's political journey was defined by his contributions to several pivotal movements in Bangladesh, including the Tonk and anti-British movement, the Liberation War of 1971, and the anti-dictatorship movement of the 1990s.

He was imprisoned multiple times in the course of his struggle for social justice.

In his later years, Tewari continued his political engagement with the left-wing National Awami Party, serving as the president of its Upazila committee.