Mindspace marks a year of helping people take care of their mental health

Mindspace, a platform of volunteers, has marked one year in its operation in Bangladesh, helping people take care of their mental health.

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Published : 13 June 2022, 05:23 PM
Updated : 13 June 2022, 05:23 PM

Founded on May 28, 2021, Mindspace is a mental health organisation that collates relevant information about mental health issues, ways to navigate through them and what type of help to get.

It launched a hotline service, Vent, on Oct 25, 2021, to help people deal with their psychological crises.

The hotline is operated by psychology students who are trained and supervised by professionals. They were trained in psychological support and suicide prevention by Ismat Jahan, a clinical psychologist and Head of National Trauma Counselling, Ministry of Women and Children Affairs.

"Vent by Mindspace is one of the exemplary attempts to unravel the differences that self-awareness and mindfulness can bring into our daily lives," the organisation said in a statement.

Anyone can also share their mental struggles through a call or text on the official Facebook page of Mindspace, where proper privacy and confidentiality are maintained.

It said Mindspace has made "great strides" in the span of a year, with its involvement in "impactful" projects, "important" conversations through podcasts and even collaborated with the University of Malaya for an event.

The organisation has "dexterously" used various social media channels to overcome the obstacles that stood in the way of people who need mental healthcare.

There is also a weekly series on the Facebook page which intends to debunk myths surrounding mental health.

Within only eight months of its launching, Vent by Mindspace has extended help to more than 500 people, 46 percent of which had received help through calls and the rest through text, according to the organisation.

“Vent has gained many positive reviews from the clients, focusing on the professionalism of the volunteers and the convenience of the service. All in all, Vent by Mindspace aims to raise mindfulness through the practice of emotional release,” it said in the statement.

Along with the Vent hotline for a limited period, anyone can get support, comfort and suggestions just by visiting Mindspace’s website any time of the day.

Mehrin Simran, the founder of Mindspace, said that the organisation aims to contribute to the mental healthcare sector of the country, no matter how small the help is. “Our services may not help hundreds of people every day, but if it makes the day of only one person better, that's all we are ready to work for.”

“Mental health is a sensitive topic and the system is lagging behind by decades. Resources, manpower and awareness are not up to the mark. Still, there are people working tirelessly in this sector to make a change and they inspire me every day.”

More details about psychological support can be obtained by visiting www.mindspacebd.com or dialling 09678-678-778 from 6pm to 6am every day free of cost.