Conjoined twins separated in 15-hour surgery at BSMMU in Dhaka

They are now being closely monitored under intensive care at the BSMMU and  showing signs of recovery, doctors say

Published : 20 Feb 2024, 02:48 PM
Updated : 20 Feb 2024, 02:48 PM

A team of 100 doctors have conducted a complex surgery that lasted for 15 hours to successfully separate conjoined twins Nuha and Nabha at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University or BSMMU in Dhaka. 

The twins with fused spines from Kurigram, identified with single names, were being monitored in the intensive care unit and were showing signs of recovery after the surgery ended on Monday midnight. 

Neurosurgeon Professor Mohammad Hossain, the dean of the Faculty of Surgery at the lone medical university of Bangladesh, headed the team of doctors, including 39 specialists. 

Health Minister Samanta Lal Sen, a burn and plastic surgery specialist who was part of the team, visited the girls at the BSMMU on Tuesday afternoon. 

“I am happy with their progress. They are completely separated and doing well,” he said, describing the surgery as a major milestone in Bangladesh's medical history. 

He said Bangladesh was making progress in medical treatment and cited the example of a patient from Bhutan being treated recently. 

He believes that such advancements will eventually reduce the need for Bangladeshis to seek medical treatment abroad. 

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had told Vice-Chancellor Md Sharfuddin Ahmed that she would bear the cost of the girls’ treatment, according to Minister Sen. 

"Bangladesh has a significant number of patients [conjoined twins]. I strongly advise seeking medical consultation. I am confident that these conditions can be treated, given the current availability of resources," he said. 

Nasrin Akhter, the mother of the twins, speaking to, said: "I had been worried about this for a long time. When the doctor mentioned that they regained consciousness within half an hour after being unconscious for 13 hours, I felt relieved. I couldn't believe they would wake up so quickly. 

"I am immensely grateful to God. We also extend our heartfelt gratitude to the prime minister and the hospital staff."