Climate risks dwarf Europe's energy crisis: Space chief
Successive heatwaves along with wildfires, shrinking rivers and rising land temperatures left no doubt about the toll of climate change, European Space Agency director says
New Zealand rescuers use buckets, towels to save dolphins
Two of the animals had died earlier and the rising tide allowed rescuers to refloat seven dolphins who then returned to sea
Rough sea accelerates Cox’s Bazar beach erosion
The government is considering a Tk 1.4 billion project to make a permanent protective dam to save the beach from erosion
UK declares drought in parts of England
With this, water companies will step up efforts to manage the impact of dry weather on farmers and the environment
Antarctic ice shelf crumbling faster than thought
Satellite imagery raises new concerns about how fast climate change is weakening Antarctica's floating ice shelves and accelerating the rise of global sea levels
Kenyan youth help communities prepare for disaster
Young people are volunteering their time to translate and broadcast the alerts as climate shocks and extreme weather have left communities in Kenya desperate for information
World's biggest Amazon warehouse raises fears over toxic air
Warehouses in California's Inland Empire are mushrooming in tandem with the nation's e-commerce habit, angering local residents
Canadian village wrestles with climate-proofing
A year after a wildfire destroyed Lytton, residents are grappling with difficult choices
Toufique Imrose Khalidi
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher