Sharif Mohammad
Mayoral candidate Sharif Mohammad says in his affidavit that he 'knows his letters'. His election symbol is the duck.
Atiqul Islam Jibon
The youngest of the mayoral aspirants, Atiqul Islam Jibon is running the polls with his electoral symbol lock.
Atikur Rahman Nannu Munshi
Islami Andolan leader Atikur Rahman Nannu Munshi is competing for the mayoral post with ox-cart as his electoral symbol.
Taimur Alam Khandaker
Selina Hayat Ivy
The former Narayanganj municipality chairman is running for the mayor's office of the newly established Narayanganj City Corporation, having refused to pull out from the race when Awami League announc ...
A K M Shamim Osman
Shamim Osman, member of one of the most influential families of Narayanganj, is competing to be the first mayor of the newly established city corporation with Wall Clock as his electoral symbol.