Sustainable Apparel Coalition partners with Bangladesh body for fourth edition of forum

Scheduled for Mar 15 and 16, the Sustainable Apparel Forum will focus on five key subject areas of the apparel and textile supply chain

Published : 27 Jan 2023, 01:38 PM
Updated : 27 Jan 2023, 01:38 PM

The Sustainable Apparel Coalition, a global multi-stakeholder nonprofit alliance for the consumer goods industry, has announced its partnership with Bangladesh Apparel Exchange for its fourth edition of the Sustainable Apparel Forum.

Scheduled for Mar 15 and 16, the forum aims to bring together stakeholders to discuss and exchange ideas on how to advance sustainability within the textile and apparel industry, the organisers said in a statement on Friday.

The forum will focus on five key subject areas of the apparel and textile supply chain: circular economy, climate impact and action, renewable energy and green funding, skill development and green job prospects and challenges.

Delegates in attendance will include garment manufacturers, brands and retailers, development partners, foreign missions and embassies in Bangladesh, impact creating organisations, apparel and textile associations, industry leaders, government officials, secretariats and ministers.

Roundtable discussions and workshop sessions on circularity will be held on the first day of the forum before the main conference session featuring panel discussions, presentations and keynote speeches along with strategic guidelines from government officials and industry leaders on the second day.

The Sustainable Apparel Coalition will also actively participate and organise a special workshop for manufacturers as part of their continued stakeholder engagement efforts.

“We’re honoured to be supporting the Bangladesh Apparel Exchange with the opportunity to leverage our strength in collaboration to move the industry forward. As an organisation with equal partnership as a core value, and committed to steering the industry toward a shared vision for sustainability, we firmly believe that partnership is the new leadership,” said Andrew Martin, VP, membership and stakeholder engagement at the Sustainable Apparel Coalition.

Mostafiz Uddin, founder and CEO of Bangladesh Apparel Exchange, said: “Bangladesh Apparel Exchange believes that sustainability, technology and innovation are key to the progress of the Bangladesh apparel industry and, by working together with SAC, we aim to enable Bangladesh to progress as a responsible sourcing destination on the global map through to promotion of sustainability, innovation, technology and transparency in the industry.”