BNP leader Hafiz hints at quitting politics amid rumours of forming new party

The BNP leader rebuffed rumours that he would form a separate party, citing his health

Published : 8 Nov 2023, 09:01 AM
Updated : 8 Nov 2023, 09:01 AM

BNP Vice Chairman Hafizuddin Ahmed has hinted at his retirement from politics ‘soon’ amid the party’s ongoing antigovernment movement ahead of the 12th parliamentary election.

The BNP leader rebuffed a rumour about his plans to form a new political party, stating he would retire from politics as a BNP leader due to illness.

“I am sick and not physically able to take part in politics. I will retire soon and take my next step after hearing the opinions of my supporters in Bhola,” he said at a media briefing at his Banani residence on Wednesday.

Hafizuddin, a retired army major, said he would like to visit Singapore for treatment. He will complete the visa application and quit the party.

The former water resources minister in the BNP administration met with journalists amid rumours over his plan to form a new political party and take part in the upcoming general election.

Earlier on Tuesday, the BNP leader said he would participate in the election if the party runs with intervention from the United Nations and global leaders.

Regarding the claims of government officials over his plan to form a new party, the BNP leader said, “I don’t want to speak on the matter. I am still observing the situation.”

The BNP organised a massive rally on Oct 28 as part of its movement calling for the ruling government to resign and the general election to held under a non-partisan caretaker government. They then announced a general strike for Oct 29 following a clash with the police during the Oct 28 rally.

After a one-day respite, the BNP enforced a blockade from Oct 31 to Nov 2 across the country, followed by a fresh 48-hour blockade on Sunday and Monday.

The BNP has received support from allies for its anti-government movement. Its longtime ally Jamaat-e-Islami also announced similar protest programmes.