Uday Sankar Das

is a senior journalist, political commentator and sports analyst
Uday Sankar Das
Remembering Ramu desecration 10 years on
As a result of the Ramu attack, there is always an apprehension of violence and desecration of religious places whenever there is an impending festival
Mahalaya heralds the onset of Devi Paksha
On the last new moon day just before Mahalaya, the idols of Devi Durga are coloured, especially the eyes are given the final shapes and this is known as 'Chakshu Daana'
Queen Elizabeth II: A reign of service and dignity
From an early age, Queen Elizabeth II prepared herself for the life of service that lay before her
Remembering Princess Diana 25 years on
After 25 years, the popularity of the princess does not show any sign of waning
Bangabandhu: A world statesman
Bangabandhu’s leadership qualities, supreme dedication, aspiration and sacrifice made him not only an iconic leader of his country but also turned him into a political personality adored by internatio ...
Remembering Chuni Goswami: An icon of Indian football
1971: The story of refugees and Oxfam
Diana, the “People’s Princess”. . . England’s Rose
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