Syed Badrul Ahsan

is a politics and history analyst
Syed Badrul Ahsan
None of them went to Gaza or Ramallah . . .
In graphic terms, diplomacy has been treated rudely in the present crisis
Martin Luther King’s dream, 60 years on
King’s dedication to the cause of equality for all men and women in America transformed America in the years following his murder by a white man
Afghanistan: Taliban, the West and the imperatives
Mohammed Rafi: ‘Tere bin soone nayan hamare’
Rafi could easily slip into singing light, even comical numbers. That was his versatility at work
Apollo-11: a shining moment in history
Apollo-11 remains a conviction, a belief that someday we will know more about the many worlds beyond ours, the nature of the cosmos, the reach of the universe
Indian prime ministers in Washington … Nehru to Modi
Once the excitement over Modi’s Washington visit dies down, policymakers in Delhi will need to coolly examine the ramifications of the prime minister’s dealings with President Joe Biden and his admini ...
Henry Kissinger at 100: controversial policymaker and brilliant scholar
A particular aspect of the Kissinger personality has been the ruthlessness and arrogance with which he has treated subordinates
Pakistan’s judges: A brief history
In Pakistan’s history -- and one goes back to the pre-1971 days -- tales of judges in various modes of behaviour are aplenty