Syed Badrul Ahsan

is a politics and history analyst
Syed Badrul Ahsan
Netaji: Great Bengali, proud Indian, supreme patriot
In an era of historical distortions or frequent misreadings of history, the resolve of Indians to keep Netaji on a high pedestal is remarkable
Bangabandhu comes home to his Bangladesh …
Jan 10 has been a significant point of light in Bangladesh’s national history
History’s first Bengali government comes home …
The provisional government of Bangladesh, formed in a remote region of Meherpur in Chuadanga district on Apr 17, 1971, holds a special place in history
Memories of a long-ago war …
As slogans of Joi Bangla continued to be heard all over the city, Bengalis wondered if Bangabandhu was alive or had been murdered by the army in Mianwali
Ageing … and that ringing of the bell
In old age, there is always that battle between wanting to read as many books as you can and wanting to take a respite from reading
Nov 7, 1975 and the wounding of Bangladesh
On and by Nov 7, 1975, all our good men lay dead. In the fast-gathering gloom, denizens of the dark engaged in bacchanalian celebrations of unbridled evil
When Indira Gandhi died …
When Indira Gandhi died at the hands of her security personnel, the whole world plunged into disbelief
Power … in the 40s age range
With Sunak’s entry into 10 Downing Street, it is perhaps pertinent to go into a bit of reflection on how the 40s, in terms of the age of political leaders, might assume significance
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