May 28, 2023
News in photos: 28 May
Life and livelihood in wetlands
Words of conflict regarding the ownership of wetlands have disappeared and a new sense of vitality has enveloped these river islands. The lands that emerged on Padma River in Natore’s Lalpur are now f ...
May 27, 2023
News in photos: 27 May
Utensils factory in Kamrangirchar
Aluminium factory in Dhaka’s Kamrangirchar produces utensils. These products are polished in another factory before being sent for sale.
May 26, 2023
News in photos: 26 May
Not so easy EVMs in Gazipur city polls
The residents of Gazipur voted in the city corporation polls this year using electronic voting machines. The voters were notified earlier about the process of casting ballots using EVMs but many peopl ...
Festive Gazipur city polls
Around 1.2 million voters in Gazipur are casting their ballots to elect their new city corporation representatives for the third time. The voting was held across 480 polling centres until 4 pm without ...
May 25, 2023
News in photos: 25 May