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Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions for Facebook Platform

  1. What data we are Collecting
    Ans: We are only collecting Facebook Id, Email, Firstname, Last name, Full Name for our newsletter subscription.
  2. How we are processing it
    Ans: We are storing Facebook Id, Email, Firstname, Last name, Fullname in our secured system for bdnews24.com newsletter subscription. If any facebook user authorises our app to access their data in order to receive our newsletter service we collect only their Facebook Id, Email, Firstname, Last name, and Fullname data. After users' authorization bdnews24.com sends out a newsletter to their email address.
  3. Purposes for which we are Processing it
    Ans: We want to reach out to our subscribers with more of our contents through the newsletters.
  4. Users may request Deletion of that data
    Ans: User can request the deletion of data by removing the bdnews24.com app from his facebook account marking the data deletion checkbox. bdnews24.com has built the data deletion callback api as per facebook guidelines.

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