Suicide bombing kills soldier in Somalia
The suicide bomber had disguised himself as a regular soldier and joined others as they filed into a military base before he detonated the explosive
Armed bandits kill 15 at Nigeria mosque
Residents say the armed bandits came on motorbikes holding guns, and began to shoot sporadically
Air traffic controllers suspend strike in West Africa
The strike disrupted flights across the region and left hundreds of passengers stranded at airports
Deadly childhood diseases rise in Ethiopia's Tigray
Deadly diseases such as measles, tetanus and whooping cough are on the rise in Ethiopia's Tigray region after vaccination rates plunged during the civil war
Ramaphosa to miss UN General Assembly
He has cut short the trip over the power crisis. Most people in the country are without power for at least six hours a day as the state-owned power utility moved to electricity outages
Somali militia beheads Islamist insurgents
The beheadings on Saturday follow a battle in the Hiran region of Hirshabelle State
Tunisia hikes cooking gas prices in bid to cut subsidies
The Energy Ministry said the cooking gas price will increase to 8.800 dinars from 7.750 dinars, in the first raise in 12 years
Top Congo presidential adviser resigns
He was allegedly caught on tape negotiating a corrupt mineral deal
Toufique Imrose Khalidi
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher