Asif Mahmood

The non-executive Chairman of Bangladesh News 24 Hours Ltd, Asif Mahmood, is a leading IT entrepreneur in Bangladesh, with stakes in nearly dozen companies. He is the Chairman of Advance Technology Computers Limited (ATCL), Tech Valley Networks Limited (TVNL), ADN Technologies Ltd, InGen Technology Limited, InGen Industries Ltd, Vice-Chairman of InGen Motors Limited and Chairman & Managing Director of Advanced Data Networks System Ltd (ADN). He is also the Director of Tech Valley Computers Ltd. and Valley Power Solutions Ltd.


 Mr Mahmood also sits on the Board of Eastern Bank Limited, one of the leading private banks in Bangladesh.



He did his Bachelor in Engineering (Mechanical) degree from NIT, Durgapur, India. He also obtained various professional trainings in IT & Telecommunication in different countries. He represents world-renowned companies such as SingTel, CISCO and Oracle and has travelled across the globe on business.

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