Process of biometric re-registration of SIM gains momentum with deadline drawing near

Biometric re-registration of SIM cards has gathered momentum as the deadline to complete the process draws near.

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Published : 19 April 2016, 04:02 PM
Updated : 19 April 2016, 04:02 PM

The exercise is scheduled to be completed by Apr 30.

According the BTRC, the country's telecom regulator, the process has picked up pace after the Apr 12 High Court verdict, making consumer fingerprints a must for obtaining new SIM cards.

Existing consumers must re-register their SIMs before April 30 to retain connectivity, the HC had ruled.

According to the BTRC, about 1.3 million SIMs were re-registered daily on an average between Apr 10 and Apr 17.

Speaking to, BTRC chairman Shahnawaz Mazumder said about 63.5 million SIMs were re-registered by Apr 17.

But not all SIMs in the country are used by their owners. It is estimated that only 80 million of the total 130 million such cards are actually used.

Minister of State for Post and Telecommunication Tarana Halim said, "On May 1, unregistered SIM cards will be served a warning by discontinuing service for a few hours."

She said if those SIMs were still left unregistered, they would be permanently disconnected.

The BTRC move to collect biometric data for issuing SIM card is aimed at reducing crimes committed with the help of SIM registered under false names.