Bangladesh readjusts bus fares on southwestern routes as expressway tolling starts

Bangladesh Road Transport Authority has readjusted the bus fares on 15 southwestern routes as the government has started tolling on Bangabandhu Expressway after opening the Padma Bridge.

Published : 1 July 2022, 03:18 PM
Updated : 1 July 2022, 03:18 PM

In line with the new fares announced on Thursday, a ticket for a trip to Barishal from Dhaka by a 40-seat bus will cost Tk 454, up by Tk 42 from what was fixed on Jun 9 before the opening of the bridge. BRTA raised the fares by Tk 10 per passenger on 13 routes in the region at that time.

It announced the new fares as the tolling on the Dhaka-Mawa-Bhanga expressway began after Thursday midnight. The tolls for the expressway are exclusive of the tolls for the newly opened Padma Bridge, which is on the same Dhaka-Mawa-Bhanga route.

BRTA sent letters to the associations of transport owners, informing them about the new fares on the routes that include the Padma Bridge and the expressway.

The new fares per passenger for 40-seat buses are:

Dhaka-Barishal: Tk 454

Dhaka-Gopalganj: Tk 423

Dhaka-Khulna: Tk 575

Dhaka-Shariatpur: Tk 257

Dhaka-Barishal-Pirojpur: Tk 580

Dhaka-Bagerhat-Pirojpur: Tk 619

Dhaka-Patuakhali: 561

Dhaka-Madaripur: Tk 344

Dhaka-Satkhira: Tk 689

Dhaka-Faridpur: Tk 323

Dhaka-Bababubazar Bridge-Shariatpur: Tk 257

Dhaka-Kuakata: Tk 767

Cox's Bazar-Barishal: Tk 1,388

Chattogram-Khulna: Tk 1,192

Chattogram-Barguna: Tk 1,282

The new fares per passenger for 51-seat buses are:

Dhaka-Barishal: Tk 356

Dhaka-Gopalganj: Tk 332

Dhaka-Khulna: Tk 456

Dhaka-Shariatpur: Tk 211

Dhaka-Barishal-Pirojpur: Tk 455

Dhaka-Bagerhat-Pirojpur: Tk 486

Dhaka-Patuakhali: 440

Dhaka-Madaripur: Tk 270

Dhaka-Satkhira: Tk 541

Dhaka-Faridpur: Tk 253

Dhaka-Bababubazar Bridge-Shariatpur: Tk 201

Dhaka-Kuakata: Tk 601

Cox's Bazar-Barishal: Tk 1,089

Chattogram-Khulna: Tk 935

Chattogram-Barguna: Tk 1,005

If a 4-seat bus uses Mayor Hanif flyover in Dhaka, the fare will rise by Tk 9. The rise will be by Tk 6.72 for 51-seat buses.

Toufique Imrose Khalidi
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher