Awami League MP criticises appeal for Modi’s intervention to protect Hindus in Bangladesh

A ruling Awami League MP has slammed Hindu-Buddhist-Christian Unity Council leader Rana Dasgupta for reportedly seeking Indian prime minister’s intervention to protect religious minorities in Bangladesh.

Published : 18 June 2016, 11:57 AM
Updated : 18 June 2016, 11:57 AM

Speaking on the proposed budget in Parliament on Saturday, Abdul Majid Khan alleged Dasgupta, an International Crimes Tribunal prosecutor, sounded like someone pro-Pakistani.
“He (Dasgupta) is talking like those who speak for Pakistan staying in Bangladesh,” he said.
Khan asked if Dasgupta’s seeking of foreign intervention amounted to instigation against Bangladesh.
Press Trust of India ran a report saying that Unity Council general secretary Dasgupta had sought Narendra Modi’s help to protect religious minorities amid mounting violence against them.
Dasgupta, however, denied having spoken to the PTI.
Khan said he was happy with government measures to protect the minorities.
“They (Hindus) couldn’t perform Durga Puja under the BNP regime.
“The entire nation is behind them (Hindus). Awami League leaders and activists are behind them. Now they can perform religious rituals without any hindrance.”