Dhaka City police seek details of tenants by Mar 15

Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) say they will collect details of landlords and tenants in the city by Mar 15 to build a database.

Senior Correspondentbdnews24.com
Published : 29 Feb 2016, 10:28 AM
Updated : 29 Feb 2016, 10:36 AM

“Forms have been sent out to all houses in the capital. We have got back some of them. Our officers are working on it,” DMP chief Md Asaduzzaman Mia told a media briefing on Monday.

“We hope to meet the deadline of Mar 15.”

Police started collecting the info last year after militant hideouts were busted in Dhaka, mostly at rented accommodations.

Officials say officers at 49 police stations are collecting information from every house in Dhaka City.

The one-page form provided by police seeks details of tenants including their photographs, date of birth, national ID and passport numbers, residents of the house as well as information on the house help and the driver.

“The people are thinking they may face harassment if they provide police with the information. But we are gathering details to provide security for citizens.

“The information will be totally secure; no-one else will be able to access it,” the DMP commissioner said at the briefing.

Mia sought cooperation from the citizens and asked those, who are yet to receive the forms, to contact the local police station.

Toufique Imrose Khalidi
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher