Video clip shows government official ‘beating up’ children in Barisal

A video clip has surfaced on the internet showing an official of a state-run facility in Barisal beating up two children.

Barisal CorrespondentKawsar Hossain,
Published : 14 July 2015, 03:04 PM
Updated : 15 July 2015, 09:07 AM

It comes at a time when a storm is raging on the social media after a teenager was brutally clubbed to death in Sylhet last week.

The latest video is reportedly of an incident that took place on July 4 at the Barisal Sarkari Shishu Paribar – Girls (North).

An unidentified person captured the incident on his mobile phone. The three-minute clip went viral on the social media on Monday night.

The man accused of beating up the children is Compounder Md Dulal.

Footage shows Dulal beating up Grade-III students ‘Dalia’ and ‘Sathi’, both 9 years old, with a tree branch and hurling abuses at them in broad daylight.

Several passers-by saw the incident but chose not to intervene. The onslaught continued even as the children were heard repeatedly apologising.

The person, who captured the video, approached him at one point but made no apparent attempt to stop him.

Dulal was not found at the Shishu Paribar on Tuesday and his cell phone was switched off.

Paribar’s Deputy Caretaker Ismat Ara Khanam said Dalia’s mother Bilkis Begum had visited her daughter on July 4.

Dalia followed her mother up to a nearby bus terminal after the visit. Sathi went there to bring her back.

“Dulal saw the girls there and asked them to return to Shishu Paribar,” Khanam said. “He went to look for them later not finding them there.”

Khanam said she had heard that Dulal brought the girls back from a mobile phone shop at a local market and beat them up.

“The girls told me that they were only scolded,” she claimed.

But the girls told reporters that they were beaten with sticks and threatened as well.

Deputy Commissioner Gazi Md Saifuzzaman visited the facility on Tuesday.

“We’ll investigate the matter,” he told reporters. “Legal steps will be taken based on the probe report.”