Eden College dormitory emptied as it develops cracks after earthquake

Eden College authorities have vacated a dormitory after cracks developed in several rooms following the earthquakes in the past two days.

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Published : 27 April 2015, 03:25 PM
Updated : 27 April 2015, 03:41 PM

Students evacuated the Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib Hall, built nearly two years ago, by 4pm on Monday following orders from the authorities.
At least 1,200 students live in the 11-storey building.
Cracks were found in 29 rooms of the hall after recent quakes, said the college’s Principal Hosne Ara.
She told bdnews24.com: “We have asked the students to leave the hall for a week for safety reasons after the cracks developed.”

She said they were trying to ascertain what caused the cracks. “Our next steps will be taken after the chief engineer of the college finishes inspection.”
Students who are due to sit for different tests were temporarily put in other dormitories, she added.
Many of them were seen leaving the dormitory on Monday afternoon with their luggage.

Some of the students said they were leaving for their village homes as the college asked them to stay outside for a week.

However, a student, asking not to be named, told bdnews24.com: “Some of the cracks in the dormitory walls were there from before. But fresh cracks developed after the earthquakes.”
Hosne Ara, who was appointed Eden College’s principal a year ago, said she did not know whether there were cracks on the walls from before.
“Two others occupied the post before me. They will be able to say whether there were any lapses in the construction of the hall,” she said.
On Saturday noon, a 7.8 magnitude of earthquake in Nepal shook Bangladesh, India and Chinese Tibet and caused much damage.
Apart from a trail of massive destruction, the earthquake in Nepal has left so far over 3,700 people dead and more than 6,500 injured.
At least 17 buildings were damaged in Bangladesh on Saturday.
Many aftershocks, one even measuring 6.7, followed on Sunday. But there were no reports of major damage.

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