Religion misinterpreted to stop women’s progress: PM

Some people misinterpret religion to prevent women from progressing, says Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Published : 8 March 2015, 01:02 PM
Updated : 8 March 2015, 01:02 PM

“There are some who want to confine women in the name of Islam. What they forget is, it’s Islam which has ensured women’s right,” she said on International Women’s Day.

Speaking at the state celebrations of the day in Dhaka, she said Islam as a religion has never hindered women.

Those who want to create obstacles for women today may intentionally overlook the real meaning of Islam, added the prime minister.

She referred to Bibi Khadiza, the first ever to convert to Islam upon calls by Prophet Mohammad.

“The first martyr for Islam was also a woman. So, it’s Islam which has ensured rights for women and we need to keep that in mind.”

Stressing the equal roles of man and woman for building up a society, Hasina said: ”No society or country can develop by leaving behind a part of it.”

The prime minister came down hard on the BNP-led coalition for the violence in the name of political agitation.

“It makes me sad, when we see our country is progressing in every realm, earning a reputation in the global arena, and the once opposition leader is neither in parliament nor in the government.

“She tried to stop the polls, but failed. And now, she has come up with a movement,” she said.

“The women of the country have to stand against the heinous acts of burning people alive.”

Hasina called upon the women to stand against such acts.

The prime minister blamed the BNP chief for the killings and said that she would be tried for it.

Toufique Imrose Khalidi
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher