BRAC lists post-2015 priorities

Published : 24 June 2013, 03:58 AM
Updated : 24 June 2013, 06:41 AM

Rural Bangladeshi’s post-2015 development aspirations are ‘closely aligned’ with the recommendations the UN high-level panel made before the Secretary General Ban ki-Moon, BRAC says.

BRAC's Executive Director Mahabub Hossain said they analysed more than 30,000 grassroots voices and found good governance, gender justice, food security and safety issues are seen as ‘priority’ by them -- the same as those included as goals proposed by the UN panel.

The 27-member panel submitted their recommendations to the Secretary General on May 30 with 12 specific goals for the post-2015 world when the current Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) end.

Based on the high-level panel’s recommendations, the UN Secretary General would make his own report to be presented to the member states in September during the general assembly.

The BRAC executive director shared their analysis while presenting their 2012 annual report.

The world’s largest NGO says it witnessed ‘robust’ growth last year.

He said violence against women, prevention of child marriage and dowry,good governance and curbs on corruption, tops the list of people's priorities in rural Bangladesh post-2015 .

Improving power and transport infrastructure which are not in the global panel’s list were also among their top eight priorities.

Hossain said this time they observed extensive consultations before finalising the post-2015 development goals which he said was ‘imposed’ on the developing countries when MDG targets was last finalised.

Economist MM Akash found the BRAC’s analysis ‘surprising and interesting’.

“It’s women’s issues that are getting priority,” he said, setting a 'special value' on the BRAC's analysis.

He said with the development, “More women are coming out and facing social problems”.

“Now it seems people have strong feelings about them,” he said.

The UN panel recommended ‘five transformative shifts’ for the post 2015 development goals with bold commitment to eliminate extreme poverty from the face of the earth by this generation.

In ensuring sustainable development, the panel also called not to leave anyone behind the targets.

It also called for transforming economies for jobs and inclusive growth, and building peace and effective, open and accountable institutions for all.
The BRAC’s executive director said the next set of goals “should continue tackling extreme poverty and hunger, and achieving basic education and health as these challenges remain daunting in many countries”.