‘Nurani Chapa’ not Rajib’s

Information of several international organisations monitoring websites worldwide confirmed that the personal blog claimed to be written by slain Shahbagh movement activist Ahmed Rajib Haider hurting Islam was not his .

Ahasan Leninbdnews24.com
Published : 25 Feb 2013, 10:57 AM
Updated : 25 Feb 2013, 11:25 AM

Unknown assailants hacked to death Rajib, 26, an organiser of the demonstrations at Shahbagh demanding death for all convicted war criminals, in Dhaka’s Pallabi on Feb 15.

A quarter started propagating that he was writing the blog, nuranichapa.wordpress.com, in his pseudonym, Thaba Baba, defaming Islam.

Browsing nuranichapa.wordpress.com, it was found that the blog had 19 entries, all blasphemous, posted between Jun 18 and Oct 2 of 2012 in the name of Thaba Baba that Rajib would use while writing in other blogs.

A Pakistani website first claimed Rajib to be the writer of nuranichapa.wordpress.com in a link – defence.pk/forums/bangladesh-defence/235241-blogger-thaba-baba-murdered.htm – in which his news of his murder was published.

The entry was posted within three hours of his murder.

Information technology experts say the ‘controversial write-ups’ might not be of Rajib’s.

Information from international website-monitoring organisation Quantcast (quantcast.com) and online traffic and monitoring site Alexa (alexa.com) support the belief.

According to Quantcast information, nuranichapa.wordpress.com was first visited on Feb 15, the day the blogger was killed, and the number of visitors crossed 60,000 that day as the link spread online.

Alexa.com also does not have any information that nuranichapa.wordpress.com was visited before Feb 15.

When asked, ICT expert and amarblog.com administrator Sushanto Dasgupta said: “If you meticulously see nuranichapa samgra (collection) written under the name of Thaba Baba, you will find three entries were posed on Jun 18, one each on Jun 21 and June 24. On Jun 26 alone, nine entries were posted that is no way possible for a blogger.”
“There was no entry in July. Four were posted on Aug 26 and one on Oct 2. The Oct 2 post was the last one. No other blogs contained these write-ups. Nobody commented on that. How is it possible?”
Referring to Quantcast and alexa.com information, Dasgupta said: “Though the blog is shown to be one-year old, it had no trace on web archive -- web.archive.org/web/*
Blogger and Online Activists Network claimed that nuranichapa.wordpress.com was opened after the murder of the blogger. They said activists of Jamaat-e-Islami, whose several leaders are facing war crimes trials, and its student front Islami Chhatra Shibir are propagating online that it was written by Rajib.
Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Authority has blocked 12 blogs and several Facebook pages for malicious postings. They include sonarbanglablog.com and Bansher Kella Facebook page, operated by Jamaat activists.