Cox's Bazar flights suspended

Biman Bangladesh Airlines takes flights off Dhaka-Cox's Bazar sector for runway renovation at the airport there
Published : 3 July 2012, 06:34 AM
Updated : 3 July 2012, 06:34 AM
Ashik Hossain Correspondent
Dhaka, Jul 3 ( — Biman Bangladesh Airlines has suspended its flight operations to Cox's Bazar due to renovation of runway at the airport there.
The last flight had left for Cox's Bazar on Jun 30, and it could not be known when the next flight would take off for the destination.
"The Board of Directors has decided to operate Boeing 737 on this route. But the runway at Cox's Bazar is not fit for operations of this aircraft. So, the flight operations were suspended until the completion of renovation work," said Biman Bangladesh Airlines Director of Sales and Marketing Mohammad Shanewaz.
He said flights operation to Cox's Bazar would remain suspended until the renovation was over. He said the operation may resume in two months.
According to Biman officials, the directorial board at the end of last year decided not to use F-28 and DC-10 aircraft on the route.
Biman had been using F-28 aircraft on the route and it was put off-use on Jun 30.
"Biman had a plan to purchase Dash model aircraft for this route instead of F-28. But financial constraints forced the authorities to back off," said a Biman official preferring anonymity.
Years of losses had forced Biman to take flights off seven domestic routes in 2007.
The Cox's Bazar airport runway is expected to be expanded to 9,000 feet in length alongside increasing its width in the first phase of renovation. The second phase would replace airport establishments like the terminal building.
Toufique Imrose Khalidi
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher