Chandpur’s Selim ordered to pay 4 years of back taxes
The Appellate Division in May quashed a High Court order that allowed Md Salim Khan to extract sand from the Meghna river bed
Police club, sue students in oil price protests
The case accuses the protesters of assaulting police personnel and attempting to incite riots
War crimes convict Nazrul held
He was sentenced to death by ICT in July along with five others for crimes against humanity
Foreign secretary addresses IGP's proposed trip to US
Despite being sanctioned by the US, UN conventions are likely to allow Benazir to attend the Chiefs of Police Summit, says Masud Bin Momen
Bangladesh sends workers to Malaysia again
Bangladeshi migrant workers are going to Malaysia after a 45-month pause
Suspects ‘confess to rape’ on bus
Tests initially find evidence that the woman was raped
Hasina: Asia can unite to fend off economic crisis
Chinese foreign minister promises to promote Bangladesh’s issues in international forums
Fewer buses, more woes
Commuters in Dhaka have had a nightmarish day due to the unavailability of public transport on Sunday
Toufique Imrose Khalidi
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher